Ever thought how could I “sell my house St Louis” for cash very soon? You may have pondered about the We Buy Houses for Cash folks. You’ve most likely observed these signs:”We Pay Cash For Houses” or “We Buy Homes” nailed to utility poles and stuck on spiked metal perimeters along the road. Perhaps you’ve gotten a flyer via the post office that guarantees someone will purchase your home, in any condition and for cash, right?


Sell My House St Louis Inherited or Probate Property

At St Louis We Buy Homes, we want to help homeowners “sell my house St Louis” who need to get from under their unwanted properties and we won’t charge you a commission either.

Sometimes people live in or even out of state and unexpectedly inherit a home and need to sell for the cash.  

Check out this scenario:  An attorney calls to tell you your uncle passed and you all of a sudden you go through the probate process and are granted ownership of a nice 3 bedroom 2 bath, 2000 sq ft home with a brand new kitchen and baths with ZERO mortgage.  

Yep, it’s FREE and CLEAR and it’s in Ballwin, MO (West St Louis County).  You’ll likely be anxious to see how you can unload this property quickly for cash so you do a search on Google, Bing or even Yahoo for “sell my house St Louis.”

Sell House Fast St Louis Cash To Real Estate Buyers

You look to “sell my house St Louis” fast for cash and are promptly immersed in comes about. You start investigating a couple of choices and round out a time frame to call the number listed. After you clarify your situation, on the telephone, we let you know that we have everything covered like examinations, cleaning, repairs, and we can get you a check rather quickly.


In seven to fourteen days (or longer if you request it), you get a check from one of the title companies that we work with.


You’ve likely observed promotions on expressway underpasses or utility poles offering to purchase your home for money. Online ads that offer to purchase your home for money are basically a similar thing.


Attracting buyers when you search “sell my house St Louis” would like to purchase homes like yours for cash to help out sellers who need to move their unwanted properties.


Most homeowners get into some type of financial or circumstantial crunch who need to sell fast and get a deal to sell their homes.

We Are As Is Home Buyers St Louis MO & St Charles

We are as is home buyers in the St Louis MO and St Charles area who purchase homes fast and give sellers a fair offer for their real estate property.  We understand that your home may have numerous issues and you may think that it you will need to pay a lot of money to get it renovated to sell.  

Don’t worry about any of that because we will purchase your unwanted property as is with Zero Obligation.  No need to fix anything whatsoever as we will handle it all.

There are many reasons why property holders want to sell their homes to St Louis We Buy Homes. Having the capacity to offer you cash for your home regardless of the market. We know and understand the benefit of purchasing a property rapidly and effectively to alleviate financial or other types of burden.

Fast Cash Home Buyer For Acquired Properties

Quite often a home is left for the offspring of deceased individuals who own property. This happens regularly and leaves the adult children of the deceased in a condition of ineptness more often than not. You now have two homes to deal with and sometimes your parent’s home may even have a home loan that needs to be fulfilled.

Would you be able to pay for two home loans without a moment’s delay? This is the point at which you should contact St Louis We Buy Homes to “sell my house St Louis” right now.


You don’t need to stress over the condition or circumstances that may surround the house at all.  However sometimes property that is more seasoned fall prey to an all sorts of issues that you may think would defer the sale of the home. The property is not a la mode either in form and style or in redesigns and repair.  

For some cash home buyers, they need a home that is fully renovated or “rent ready.”  We don’t worry about the appearance as a deterrent to whether or not if we will purchase it or not.  We Buy Houses as long as we can reach an agreement with the seller who wants to move on quickly in many cases.  


In many circumstances, you would have to put a considerable amount of cash into setting it up or arranging the home available to be purchased. Offering a distressed home can cause numerous families a great deal of sadness and we understand fully but would you rather not have St Louis We Buy Homes acquire your property in 7 days As Is?


A quick close is extremely worth it to you because the incentive from your property is important to you as well.  As a seller, the ONLY way that you can get more cash for your home through a realtor is by fixing up the property but remember now you will have to use your own cash and pay the agent a commission.

Do you really want to do that or just have us give you a cash offer for your property and get your cash much faster with No Commissions?

We Buy Houses In St Louis MO For Quick Cash

We buy houses in St Louis MO from homeowners who experience an array of things that may cause them to seek us out online to “sell my house St Louis” for quick cash.  

From a house being vacant and abandoned, a soon to be ex-couple experiencing a separation, job relocation, individuals who would prefer not to manage it anymore, individuals who acquired a house they don’t need.

Other great people who lost their home and can’t bear the monthly costs of the installment any longer and can’t stand to pay a land, to individuals who owe more on their home than it’s worth and a host of other reasons to sell their properties fast.

Then again, singular speculators regularly will pay somewhat more and perform work themselves, to some degree since they don’t need to pay a go between. As a rule, the upsides of pitching to financial specialists are a speedier shutting, no operator commission and barely any, end costs.

Not that you ought to swear off a specialist who can follow customary purchasers. When you’re offering a house as-may be, you may discuss a commission beneath the standard 6 percent, split with the purchasing specialist if there is one, or complete a charge paid course of action. Specialists who handle short deals have the most involvement with as-is homes.

St Louis House Buyers of Homes For Sell Fast

When you have access to St Louis house buyers of  homes to sell your property to fast, known imperfections of the home is generally accepted.

No risk involved for the property to be in not so good of shape from the beginning because we expect these type of homes.  Repairs will already be factored into our offer to properly evaluate the house.  You will not have to repair anything for us before we buy it from you.

St Louis We Buy will handle any inspections by our contractors or other partners at ZERO cost to you. Understand that most home loans will garner that a property be in near perfect condition for a professional inspector to look over the entire property.  Once we schedule to see the property, we will do our own walk through and if we mutually agree to purchase we take pictures and a video of the property.

Regardless of whether the place is somewhat battered or not, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t keep it as efficient and spotless if at all possible. Keep the yard cut and be prepared for viewings constantly. Keep surfaces clean, beds made, dishes set away and however much mess as could reasonably be expected put away and covered up.

Whether you’ve researched “sell my house St Louis” online or call us at (314) 329-5190, we will be ready to assist you by giving you a cash offer for your property within 24 hours.

We Buy Houses St Louis
We Buy Houses St Louis

My name is Andre and We Buy Houses throughout the entire St Louis MO metropolitan area. I'm a real estate investor looking to help homeowners by purchasing their homes As Is and giving a Cash Offer within 24 hours. I'm also a local who lives in the St. Louis area and a proud graduate of the University of MO-Saint Louis College of Business with a BS in Business Administration and a BS in Information Systems. Call Me At (314) 329-5190 so I can help you Today!

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